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Priyanka Kataria

Integrated PhD Student

IISc Fellowship

B.Sc. Botany Hons. Daulat Ram College, University of Delhi

Research Summary

Plants being sessile organisms are constantly exposed to different abiotic and biotic stresses, hence they have evolved various strategies to overcome these deleterious conditions. DJ-1 superfamily proteins are found across various species, they have been identified as multi-stress responding proteins. However, role of DJ-1 family proteins in plants is still elusive. My research project is to understand the structural and functional role of DJ-1 paralogs of Arabidopsis thaliana.


Saccharomyces cerevisiae DJ-1 paralogs maintain genome integrity through glycation repair of nucleic acids and proteins

Gautam Susarla, Priyanka Kataria, Amrita Kundu, Patrick D'Silva

eLife, 2023 Aug

Double DJ-1 domain containing Arabidopsis DJ-1D is a robust macromolecule deglycase

Melvin Prasad*, Priyanka Kataria*, Sunayana Ningaraju, Radhika Buddidathi, Kondalarao Bankapalli, Swetha Chenna, Gautam Susarla, Radhika Venkatesan, Patrick D’Silva#, P. V. Shivaprasad#

New Phytologist, 2022 Jul