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Mitochondrial Biology Lab

Dept of Biochemistry, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore.

Dr.Parthsarathi Nayak

Post Doctoral Fellowship


B.Sc. in Biotechnology, Utkal Universty

M.Sc. in Biotechnology, Sambalpur University

Ph.D. in LifeScience, National Institute of Technology Rourkela,India

Research Associate in School of Biotechnology, JNU, India

Research Summary

Nanozymes are the nanomaterials which mimic the enzyme characteristics. These are the trending materials with very high stability and efficiency in catalyzing important metabolic processes in-vitro and in-vivo. Compared to natural enzymes, Nanozymes are less expensive, easy to manufacture and can be stored for longer time. Despite the potential application of bare nanoparticles, we hypothesize that improved surface functionalization of nanoparticles with active entities could enhance specific targeting and cellular uptake with tuneable coronas.

As per my experience, I would like to implement my nanoparticles functionalization expertise to oxidative stress related disorder.

The idea is to use therapeutic NPs with functionalized corona to rescue the cells from oxidative stress by mimicking the function of major antioxidant enzymes i.e. catalase, glutathione peroxidase and superoxide dismutase thereby preventing ROS-mediated neurological disorder