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Mitochondrial Biology Lab

Dept of Biochemistry, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore.

Anjali Deep

Integrated PhD Student

IISc Fellowship

BSc (hons) in zoology, Hansraj College, Delhi University.

Research Summary

Mitochondria are energy-generating eukaryotic organelles that play an indispensable role in several cellular processes. Owing to their involvement in crucial pathways, they are critical in cell survival. Moreover, several pathological conditions have been associated with the malfunctioning of mitochondria. To date, myriads of genes have been implicated in maintaining mitochondrial homeostasis. However, the complete repertoire of genes required for mitochondrial functioning remains unknown. While significant progress has been made in characterizing the essential genes involved in maintaining mitochondrial health, the importance of non-essential genes remains unexplored. In our study, we have utilized a yeast non-essential gene deletion library to identify uncharacterized candidates involved in mitochondrial structure and function.