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Entry Name Accesion ID Uniprot ID Family length Organism Add to cart
HSP90_ASGO1 HSP90_0140 Q8J2M3 HSP90 704 Ashbya gossypii ATCC 10895 Add to cart
HSP90_ASCL1 HSP90_0141 A1C4S0 HSP90 703 Aspergillus clavatus NRRL 1 Add to cart
HSP90_ASFL1 HSP90_0142 B8NQL4 HSP90 699 Aspergillus flavus NRRL3357 Add to cart
HSP90_ASFU1 HSP90_0143 B0Y324 HSP90 706 Aspergillus fumigatus A1163 Add to cart
HSP90_ASNI1 HSP90_0144 Q5ATW1 HSP90 700 Aspergillus nidulans FGSC A4 Add to cart
HSP90_ASNG1 HSP90_0145 A2QUS2 HSP90 702 Aspergillus niger CBS 513.88 Add to cart
HSP90_ASOR1 HSP90_0146 Q2U9Y1 HSP90 699 Aspergillus oryzae RIB40 Add to cart
HSP90_ASTE1 HSP90_0147 Q0CE88 HSP90 701 Aspergillus terreus NIH2624 Add to cart
HSP90_CAAL1 HSP90_0148 P46598 HSP90 707 Candida albicans SC5314 Add to cart
HSP90_CATR1 HSP90_0149 C5MG15 HSP90 711 Candida tropicalis MYA-3404 Add to cart
HSP90_CRNE1 HSP90_0150 Q5K7R6 HSP90 700 Cryptococcus neoformans var. neoformans B-3501A Add to cart
GRP94_CRNE1 HSP90_0151 Q55SS2 HSP90 780 Cryptococcus neoformans var. neoformans B-3501A Add to cart
HSP90_DEHA1 HSP90_0152 Q6BSA2 HSP90 705 Debaryomyces hansenii CBS767 Add to cart
HSP90_KLLA1 HSP90_0153 Q6CQZ9 HSP90 713 Kluyveromyces lactis NRRL Y-1140 Add to cart
HSP90_MICA1 HSP90_0154 C5FSV5 HSP90 703 Microsporum canis CBS 113480 Add to cart
HSP90_NEFI1 HSP90_0155 A1CZP9 HSP90 705 Neosartorya fischeri NRRL 181 Add to cart
HSP90_NECR1 HSP90_0156 Q9C2E7 HSP90 705 Neurospora crassa OR74A Add to cart
HSP90_PECH1 HSP90_0157 B6GZG3 HSP90 697 Penicillium chrysogenum Wisconsin 54-1255 Add to cart
HSP90_PIPA1 HSP90_0158 C4QXI5 HSP90 706 Pichia pastoris GS115 Add to cart
HSP90_PIST1 HSP90_0159 A3LPD9 HSP90 709 Pichia stipitis CBS 6054 Add to cart
HSP90_PYTR1 HSP90_0160 B2WAS8 HSP90 702 Pyrenophora tritici-repentis Pt-1C-BFP Add to cart
HSP90_SACR1 HSP90_0161 A6ZW16 HSP90 709 Saccharomyces cerevisiae YJM789 Add to cart
HSP90_SACR2 HSP90_0162 A6ZMP7 HSP90 705 Saccharomyces cerevisiae YJM789 Add to cart
HSP90_SCJA1 HSP90_0163 B6JYK3 HSP90 705 Schizosaccharomyces japonicus yFS275 Add to cart
HSP90_SCPO1 HSP90_0164 P41887 HSP90 704 Schizosaccharomyces pombe 972h- Add to cart

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