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HSPIR is offered to the public as a freely accessible resource. Most of the datas stored in the database can be downloaded both as batch files or individual files through the download option. Also at the bottom of each search (Basic keyword and custom search, Genome-wide search, Domain based search) results page, there is an option to 'download all FASTA sequences'. Clicking this hyperlink will start the download of all HSP sequences returned from the search as a FASTA file. Preformatted FASTA files and HMM profile libraries for each HSP family is also available for download from this page.

HSP sequences in FASTA format:

Protein DatasetDownload
All HSP sequencesDownload
sHsp sequencesDownload
Hsp40/J-proteins sequencesDownload
Hsp60 sequencesDownload
Hsp70 sequencesDownload
Hsp90 sequencesDownload
Hsp100 sequencesDownload

DNA DatasetDownload
All HSP DNA sequencesDownload
sHsp DNA sequencesDownload
Hsp40 DNA SequencesDownload
Hsp60 DNA sequencesDownload
Hsp70 DNA sequencesDownload
Hsp90 DNA sequencesDownload
Hsp100 DNA sequencesDownload

HSP HMM profile libraries:

Download as a ZIP file